A plate of coq au vin
The Cut Of Chicken To Steer Clear Of When Making Coq Au Vin
Coq au vin (rooster with wine) is a classic French dish made of tender chicken braised in red wine. To pull off this dish, pay attention to what cut of chicken you’re using.
Chicken breast is not a good fit for braises like coq au vin, because it's very lean and can dry out in under an hour of cooking. Instead, opt for chicken thighs or bone-in legs.
For an extra touch of authenticity, try to find meat from an aged rooster. The firmness of rooster meat holds up better when braised, but finding it can be quite difficult.
Meat from a special "roaster" chicken is a great alternative to rooster, because it offers a flavor more similar to old-fashioned coq au vin. Just remember to look for dark meat.