Closeup of philly cheesesteak sandwich made with steak, cheese and onions on a toasted hoagie roll with french fries on a wooden table
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The Cut Of Beef Traditionally Used For Cheesesteak
Cheesesteaks are the subject of much debate, from the type of cheese that should be used to whether the diner wants onions or not (and whether going "without" is acceptable or sacrilege). However, one practice that cheesesteak lovers can agree on is using a quality cut of beef, and the cut that most steak shops use may surprise you.
Cheesesteaks have a working-class image that may make you assume that the meat is on the cheaper side, but many cheesesteak makers use ribeye, a much-desired and expensive cut. The fatty beef is sliced thin, but not too thin, and griddled on a flattop, where it's chopped with a spatula to break it down into bite-sized pieces.
Ribeye is one of the more tender cuts of beef and is well-marbled with fat, which makes it ideal for high-heat, fast-cooking dishes like cheesesteaks. Ribeye is also one of the most flavorful cuts, and given the simplicity of cheesesteaks, you want perfectly savory, beefy meat that can stand up to the rich cheese and sweet onions.