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The Curious Ice Cream Combination Only Found In Nova Scotia
When Americans think of popular ice cream flavors, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry come to mind, but other parts of the world enjoy varieties that are unconventional to foreigners but beloved by natives. The Canadian province of Nova Scotia is home to a colorful and unique ice cream flavor with a fittingly fantastical name.
Since the 1980's, Nova Scotia and other eastern Canadian provinces have enjoyed Moon Mist ice cream, which is a blend of three different flavors in one, similar to Neapolitan. Moon Mist consists of grape, banana, and bubblegum flavors, and has a tangier taste that resembles a sorbet, rather than a sweet and simple ice cream.
Much like Neapolitan and other colorful desserts like rainbow sherbet, the colors and flavors of Moon Mist are somewhat separate and distinct, not uniformly blended. The result is a beautiful pastel swirl that recalls dessert trends such as "unicorn" and "galaxy" sweets, but Moon Mist has a longer reputation to back it up.