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The Crunchy Ingredient To Elevate Your Tuna Casserole
Tuna casserole is a simple and homey dish that uses pantry staples like pasta noodles, canned tuna, vegetables, and condensed soup, which are stirred together and baked. There are ways to elevate this all-American classic, such as adding a variety of crunchy ingredients for textural contrast — but which addition is the best?
Tuna casseroles are a warm and creamy mess of soft, gooey meltiness, and adding crunch will make for a more pleasurable dining experience; even the sound of crispy and crunchy foods brings awareness to the eating experience. Crackers, fried onions, or toasted breadcrumbs work, but potato chips are an especially great addition.
Plain potato chips on top of your tuna casserole will add some crunch and salt, but you can choose a flavored variety to add an extra kick to your dish. Whether you use barbecue, sour cream & onion, or another bag of chips, you can either leave them whole or gently crush them before topping the casserole and baking.