I forgot where this was but I took this picture of a delicious burrito seconds before I devoured it.
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The Crucial Tip To Prevent Extra Soggy Wet Burritos
The basic burrito has dozens of variations, including the breakfast burrito, the chimichanga, and the “wet burrito” that borrows from the Mexican enchilada. The wet burrito, or burrito mojado, is covered in enchilada sauce, and while the saturation of sauce is part of the appeal, you still don't want your burrito to fall apart completely.
Cooks encounter problems when making a wet burrito if they use flour tortillas instead of corn, which makes the burrito fall apart under the enchilada sauce. Using corn tortillas instead is a good first step, but another crucial way to prevent an overly soggy burrito is to toast the whole thing in an oiled pan to toughen up the tortilla.
Toasting will not only help the tortilla to take on a satisfying crisp texture that stands up to sauce, but also keep the stuffing from falling out. After tightly wrapping your burrito and carefully toasting it on all sides, you can cover it in red or green enchilada sauce and finish the meal off with a side of sour cream and guacamole.