Block of butter and a butter knife in the air
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The Crucial Tip For Never Burning Butter Again
Brown butter is a delicious ingredient created when the right amount of heat is carefully applied to butter, revealing more depth and imparting a distinct nutty flavor profile.
Making brown butter can be difficult due to how easy it is to burn. Run-of-the-mill butter will burn at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, while clarified butter can go up to 450 degrees.
To avoid burning your butter, make sure to have a bit of lemon juice or cold water on hand. Adding a cool liquid will take the temperature of the butter down immediately.
For another preventative option, you can also add a teaspoon of neutral oil to your butter before you begin cooking it.
Since brown butter can burn so easily, it's important to watch your pan. First, start off with a cold, ideally light-colored pan, and cold butter to ensure even cooking.
If your butter does start to burn, take your pan with the butter off of the heat source immediately. You can then use a coffee filter to strain out any burnt bits.