Coffee being poured into a mug from a French press coffee maker
The Crucial Timing Tip For Mastering French Press Coffee
When making coffee in a French press, the primary deciding and defining factor is how long to let it brew before making the plunge. It comes down to timing, pressing, and resting.
When you press a French press's plunger, the grounds get pushed to the bottom of the container. It's the time before making that plunge that's crucial.
Depending on the beans you're using, general time recommendations for French-press brewing range from three to five minutes.
If you personally like a super-strong cup of coffee, similar to espresso, let it sit as long as you want. There's no one-and-done timer, only your personal taste preference.
To help coffee "bloom" to its full potential, let the water gradually saturate the grounds. Wait about 30 seconds, then stir, and add the remaining hot water to the desired level.
That's when the timing really begins. While you wait, the oils in the beans will impart texture and flavor for your ultimate daily coffee experience.