A vertical shot of a 15-gallon American oak whiskey bourbon barrel
The Crucial Storage Tip Four Roses Follows For Its Bourbon
As a bourbon matures in oak barrels, its flavors deepen and different tasting notes develop. Temperature changes during this aging process can also alter the final drink.
To ensure consistency, renowned bourbon brand Four Roses Bourbon uses a unique warehouse layout to precisely control the temperature at which they store their bourbon barrels.
While other warehouses may have several levels, Four Roses Bourbon stores all their barrels on one level. Their goal is to cut down on temperature fluctuations.
The warehouse has an 8-degree margin of temperature difference for all the barrels. Temperatures in warehouses with multiple levels can have up to a 35-degree difference.
Four Roses proclaims, "We're the only distillery using single-story rack warehouses [...] to provide a gentle, undisturbed, and more consistent maturation process."