A plate of cacio e pepe pasta, close-up view, uniform background.  Famous dish of Roman cuisine.
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The Crucial Reason Cacio E Pepe Should Be Served Immediately
When it comes to Italian food, almost any dish you choose is bound to be delicious, but there are some dishes that you can’t miss, like cacio e pepe. Cacio e pepe is made of little more than spaghetti, pecorino Romano cheese, and pepper, and if prepared properly the resulting dish consists of al dente noodles coated with a deliciously silky sauce.
Unfortunately, the cheesy pecorino Romano emulsion that makes cacio e pepe so delicious is also what makes it so finicky. Like any emulsion, the pecorino Romano sauce will break with time, so once you add your pasta and stir, it’s time to eat; if you wait too long, the pecorino Romano will clump, leaving you with undressed noodles and a ball of cheese.
Along with serving immediately, your cacio e pepe will be all the better if you follow some simple tips like finely grating your cheese, and gradually adding it to the pasta water to create that perfect silky consistency. Plus, for a stronger peppery flavor, you can make a “pepper broth” with cracked peppercorns in pasta water or toast your peppercorns first.