Orange looking Bahama Mama cocktail
The Crucial Ingredient You Need To Flavor A Bahama Mama
There’s a chance you’ve been drinking your Bahama Mamas wrong. The cocktail is a combination of rum, pineapple juice, and crème de coconut, but it’s actually not the original.
The Bahama Mama was created in the 1950s or ‘60s, and bartenders have lost their way. Some tried adding other liqueurs and syrups, but coffee liqueur was a classic ingredient.
Coffee liqueur adds depth and bitterness that helps balance the sweet coconut and acidic pineapple. There are even different coffee liqueurs you can use.
The coffee liqueur’s flavor transforms the Bahama Mama from a predictable drink to an overlooked gem. You can even customize your drink’s profile by playing with the ingredients.
Serve your “true” Banana Mama in a Hurricane glass, tiki mug, or Collins. Make sure to garnish it with a pineapple wedge, Luxardo cherry skewer and some fresh coconut flakes.