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The Critical Ingredient Ina Garten Swears By For Risotto
The great thing about risotto is that it’s easy to customize, and since it’s composed of just four basic ingredients—grain rice, butter, cheese and salted water—it’s quick to throw together for a delicious meal. To take your risotto the extra step, Ina Garten has a one-pot risotto recipe that packs a lot of flavor, and relies on one critical ingredient.
Ina’s one-pot risotto recipe consists of fresh lump crabmeat, peas, Arborio rice, and seafood stock, and seasoned with fennel, poblano pepper, garlic, thyme, red pepper flakes, shallots, fresh chives, and lemon zest. There’s also some olive oil, butter, and crème fraîche for an extra rich flavor and texture, but Garten describes this spice as "critical for risotto."
Garten’s recipe may stray from traditional Italian risotto, but they share the same most important ingredient: saffron, which gives classic risotto its distinctive yellow color and rich flavor. To add saffron to your risotto, Garten suggests a half teaspoon of saffron threads per one and a half cups of rice.