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The Creamy Topping To Give Your Tuna Roll A Little More Heat
A classic tuna sushi roll is perfect for those who wish to taste the simplicity of tuna without any additional ingredients, but there are also options for those of us who like a little more assertive flavor, such as the spicy tuna roll. You may have seen a creamy and spicy sauce on top of a spicy tuna roll at a restaurant and wondered what it is.
The sauce on your sushi is just a simple spicy mayo, and you can make your own using sriracha, mayonnaise, and some optional lime juice for brightness. Some cooks mix the mayo right into their spicy tuna mixture, but many add a small dollop on top of the finished tuna roll, a surefire way to up the spicy and rich flavors.
Serious Eats recommends using Japanese mayo like Kewpie to make spicy mayo, though they also imply that Hellman's will work. Spicy mayo is also great when drizzled on top of a California roll or a salmon roll; either way, the sauce is sure to give your sushi rolls an extra kick of heat while adding to the buttery texture of the fish.