Raw Salmon fillet steaks on wooden board
The Creamy Topping That Stops Roast Salmon From Drying Out
Roasted salmon tends to get overcooked and become tough. Luckily, the addition of crème fraîche should be more than enough to keep your fish perfectly moist.
Creamier and less tangy than sour cream, crème fraîche offers both a richer flavor and better consistency and covers your bases before the fish has had the chance to dry out.
It’s important to add the crème fraîche prior to adding any heat. You’ll want to spread a dollop of crème fraîche directly over your salmon pieces before putting them in the oven.
The creamy spread helps your fish keep its moisture throughout its baking. You can buy crème fraîche or make your own at home using buttermilk, heavy cream, and citric acid.