Homemade grilled pork steak with chimichurri verde sauce on cutting board on dark background
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The Creamy Ingredient You Should Be Adding To Chimichurri
Chimichurri is one of those sauces that you can add to everything, from your morning eggs to a grilled hanger steak. This South American sauce often paired with beef is chock-full of green herbs and olive oil, making for delicious simplicity, but if you want to play around, try adding a richer texture with this ingredient.
Plain yogurt compliments chimichurri, making it thicker, creamier, and better suited as a steak marinade instead of just a steak sauce, while still letting its herbaceous flavors shine. This enhancement is actually scientific: Yogurt’s acidity makes it work especially well for both tenderizing meat and melding with other flavors.
Yogurt is also a great mayonnaise alternative for mayo haters, due to its similarly creamy consistency and tangy yet neutral flavor. The final creamy chimichurri sauce adds instant richness to meats, seafood, and more, and is so versatile that it's easy to find more than one use for it — even within the same dish.