White bowl of fresh guacamole dip isolated on white background
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The Creamy Ingredient That Will Keep Your Guacamole Green
While brown guacamole isn't necessarily unsafe to eat, it certainly looks less appetizing, and we do eat with our eyes first. Using lemon or lime juice, a classic ingredient in guacamole, will up the acidity of the avocado mash and keep it fresher, but to add more creaminess and preserve the green color even better, try using this dairy staple.
For guacamole that stays green for longer, take some sour cream and spread it over the top of the dip and cover the whole thing in plastic wrap. Avocados turn brown when a certain enzyme reacts with oxygen, and preventing this oxidation is as simple as blocking your guacamole from air exposure using the sour cream and plastic wrap.
Even if you know that you and your guests will be eating all your guacamole pretty soon after making it, and don't think you'll need a blanket of sour cream, adding just a few tablespoons to your guacamole is still a good idea. The sour cream gives the dip a creamier texture and pleasantly tangy flavor that's sure to please.