Tack of grilled cheese sandwiches
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The Creamy Ingredient For Grilled Cheese That Will Leave No Sogginess
Veggies and condiments are classic additions to grilled cheese, but they can sometimes make the sandwich soggy. For a creamy addition without too much moisture, try avocado.
Whether you use whole slices of avocado or mash it up guacamole-style to use as a spread, avocado’s velvety creaminess will complement the ooey-gooey cheese.
Since avocados don’t melt or lose shape when heated, you won’t have to worry about them turning your sandwich into a soggy mess once it's cooked.
For your cheese selection, you might opt for one that provides a punchy flavor to pair with the mild and earthy taste of the avocado, such as a spicy pepper jack or sharp cheddar.
Since pepper jack and sharp cheddar are both harder kinds of cheese with higher melting points, they’ll also balance the creaminess of the avocado without getting too runny.
As a bonus, avocados are rife with nutrients, antioxidants, and monounsaturated fats, so adding some to your grilled cheese sandwich will also make it a little bit healthier, too.