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The Creamy, Cheesy Addition You Should Try On Avocado Toast
Many would argue that avocado toast only needs a sprinkle of salt, but cooks continue to find creative ways to enjoy this new classic. The fresh and earthy flavor of avocado pairs well with sweet and savory ingredients like herbs, berries, nutmeg, dill, hummus, and pickled onions, but you may not have tried this cheesy addition.
If you log into TikTok, you can find plenty of avocado toast inspo, including a trendy recipe dubbed “Green Goddess Toast” that includes cottage cheese. TikTok creator Samar Kullab instructs her followers to blend half an avocado with a cup of cottage cheese, then spread the smooth mixture onto toast for a filling breakfast.
Cottage cheese turns the avocado into a rich spread with a lightly cheesy flavor profile, and also adds protein. Other TikTokers have topped their toast with avocado and cottage cheese without blending them together, while others whip the cottage cheese and add ingredients like blueberries and honey for a sweeter twist.