Enchiladas in baking dish
The Creamy Addition Your Beef Enchiladas Should Have
Hearty and comforting with a rich texture inside and out, enchiladas offer an indulgent deliciousness. You can enrich the dish's flavor even further by adding cream cheese.
Cream cheese makes your enchilada sauce luscious and velvety smooth, and adds a mildly sweet, tangy touch that offsets the other ingredients' savory taste.
Cream cheese also acts as a binding agent, making enchiladas sturdier and less watery. One way to add the cheese is to mix it directly into the beef as it browns.
Add other condiments to the beef and cheese for a flavorful filling that's deliciously creamy. Alternatively, just whisk the cream cheese in a bowl with your sauce ingredients.
Combine the cheese with all the essentials, like beef broth, spices, herbs, and tomato sauce, and pour the sauce over your enchiladas before baking.
You can also simply use cream cheese as a finishing condiment. Mix it with sour cream, lime juice, and a few other spices to spread across the enchiladas before serving.