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The Creamy Addition Ina Garten Loves On Tuna Salad Sandwiches
Tuna salad sandwiches are easy to make and infinitely customizable, and they're also one of celebrity chef Ina Garten’s favorite comfort foods. When Garten makes her version of this staple, she uses Italian tuna that has been packed in olive oil, plus a certain creamy ingredient that really gives the sandwich an upgrade.
Ina Garten adds hummus to her recipe for a creamy and delicious tuna fish sandwich, a move inspired by her visit to a restaurant in Belgium. Garten spreads this chickpea-based dip on the bread for her sandwich, but hummus also makes for a great mayo alternative for mixing into the fish while still providing creaminess.
Garten adds classic ingredients like chopped onion, celery, cornichons (for crunch), mayo, and mustard to her tuna salad, plus some lemon juice for a bit of tang. She then slathers a generous amount of hummus onto her bread before piling on the tuna mixture, then tops it all off with thinly sliced radishes before sandwiching it.