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The Cream Tip You Need To Properly Top Off Your Irish Coffee
Irish coffee is a beloved drink created in Foynes Port, Ireland, in the 1940s at a local tavern. Chef Joe Sheridan of the tavern decided to lift the spirits of weary travelers and concocted what we know today as an Irish cream coffee using hot coffee, brown sugar, whipped cream, and a little bit of whiskey.
One of the tricks to making an Irish cream coffee just right is getting your whipped cream to stay at the top of the drink. While Cool Whip and Reddi-Wip are refrigerator staples you can use in an instant, heavy whipping cream is a better choice to achieve the consistency and density required for the cream to float.
The Buena Vista, the San Franciscan restaurant that made this drink famous in the U.S., found that "aged cream" works best; look for heavy whipping cream that contains more than 36% fat. Use an upright blender to allow for a "slower thickening" of the cream to get the perfect texture, but if you do not have a blender, you can try using a protein shaker.