Gin and Tonic Alcohol drink with Lime, Rosemary and ice on rustic black table.
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The Country Joël Robuchon Said Served The Best Gin And Tonics
If anyone knows how to identify the highest-quality culinary experiences, it's chef Joël Robuchon, whose long career gives him qualification to seek out gastronomic gems from around the globe. According to Robuchon, there’s one European country where gin and tonic cocktails have become an art form.
Robuchon insists that Spain serves the best gin and tonic, and has made the drink its own. These famous decked-out Spanish gin and tonics are rumored to originate in restaurant kitchens, where chefs would add spare ingredients to the drinks while cooking: citrus wedges, berries, herbs, vegetables, spices, and bitters.
Spanish restaurants are known for stocking more than one brand of tonic — since the qualities of the tonic impact the drink — and bartenders add dashes of bitters or liqueur according to order. They also often use well-balanced tonic brands that are sweetened with agave or cane sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup.