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The Countertop Appliance That Can Aerate Wine In A Flash
While aerating wine may seem like a complicated extra step, exposing younger red wines to oxygen can help bring out their aroma and flavors and eliminate any bitter, drying taste of the tannins in the alcohol. If you’d like to aerate your wine without an expensive aerator, use this common kitchen appliance instead.
Cookbook author Nathan Myhrvold recommends pouring a bottle of red wine into a common kitchen blender, then blending for about 30 to 60 seconds until the wine starts to foam up. Myhrvold says that the blender quickly introduces a significant amount of air into the wine, aging it and decanting it all in one convenient step.
Since the blender method for aerating wine is quite unconventional and doesn't provide a whole lot of control, test it on cheaper bottles of wine first, in case you don't like the results. If you do end up enjoying the blender-aerated wine, you can add more expensive, unique vino into your blender and take it for a spin.