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The Cooking Technique That Ina Garten Swears By For Scrambled Eggs
The way you cook scrambled eggs comes down to personal preference, and everyone from home cooks to celebrity chefs have their own recipes for this dish. Beloved Food Network star Ina Garten happens to prefer creamy and soft scrambled eggs, and her cooking method is simple, as long as you pay attention to detail.
Garten whisks extra-large eggs with some half and half, salt, and pepper, then cooks the eggs low and slow, explaining that "protein gets tough when it's on a high heat." She leaves the eggs to warm and set up in the pan over a low flame for three to five minutes, then she begins folding them over with a spatula.
Garten warns against turning up the heat to try and hurry your scrambled eggs, and you should be patient and keep the flame on low, even when it's time to fold the eggs. While Garten's method takes some extra time, it’s a surefire method for making delicious, soft, and tender eggs for a special breakfast or brunch.