Half avocado with pit isolated on white background
The Cooking Spray Tip That Will Help Prevent Avocado From Browning
Avocados quickly turn brown once cut open, but this process can be slowed with cooking spray. Start by lightly spraying cooking oil directly onto the flesh of the avocado.
To ensure thorough coverage, use a brush or your fingers to spread the oil evenly over the avocado's surface. This will help protect every nook and cranny.
The browning occurs when the avocado's flesh is exposed to oxygen. The cooking spray creates a barrier that blocks oxygen, keeping your avocado fresh and appetizing.
As for the best cooking spray to use, go for a neutral-flavored option to avoid overpowering the avocado’s flavor. Canola, vegetable sprays, or avocado oil are great options.
After applying the cooking spray, you can store your leftovers wrapped tightly in plastic wrap or in an airtight container. With avocados, minimizing exposure to air is key.