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The Cooking Mistake That Led To The Creation Of Bakewell Pudding
Much like its younger cousin, the Bakewell tart, Bakewell pudding is a classic dessert in the UK, consisting of a pastry crust layered with strawberry or raspberry jam and almond custard, topped with sliced almonds. Like many of Britain’s other baked goods, the Bakewell pudding has an interesting tale behind its invention.
According to The Culture Trip, Bakewell pudding was created in the 1860s in an inn called “The White Horse” at Bakewell, Derbyshire. The owner, Mrs. Greaves, asked her cook to make a strawberry tart, but the cook forgot to mix the custard with the jam and instead spread the custard on top of the jam, then baked the tart.
The accidental dessert became wildly popular and the first Old Original Bakewell Pudding Shop eventually opened in the same town, and still sells the dessert to this day. The Great British Chefs' recipe involves the classic pastry base, jam filling, and egg and almond batter slathered on top, which pairs perfectly with ice cream.