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The Cooking Method That Makes Dorado-Style Burritos Unique
While there are many burrito varieties out there, San Francisco's Dorado-style burrito is noteworthy due to its unique cooking method that takes the whole burrito to the heat. Unlike the other varieties, these burritos don't have a soft tortilla on the outside, but a golden and crispy exterior that houses a melty and warm interior.
The fillings in a Dorado-style burrito are safely wrapped inside the flour tortilla before the whole wrap is browned on a hot and oiled plancha, a type of griddle that can get extremely hot. This cooking method produces a perfectly crisp exterior, and the burrito can then be cut or bit into to reveal the gooey, delicious, and warm inside.
Dorado-style burritos have restaurant origins, starting off as an off-the-menu item at popular San Francisco joint La Taqueria, and the chefs originally took inspiration from "tacos dorados," or golden tacos. Tacos dorados is a type of taco shell, usually made from corn tortillas, that are pan-fried to get that perfect golden crispiness.