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The Cooking Method That Guarantees Flavorful Spaghetti Sauce Fast
While a slow-simmered tomato sauce may be delicious, it’s not an everyday endeavor for those of us who can’t spend all day watching the pot. Tomato sauce can burn easily if left unattended, since the moisture slowly cooks off and creates a thick paste that scalds on the bottom, but there is a way to make great tomato sauce quickly.
You can make a quick and flavorful tomato sauce in under 20 minutes by stirring the sauce vigorously while cooking over high heat, says Thrillist. If you're still after a sauce that tastes like it was cooked all day, Serious Eats says that a pressure cooker can transform a simple tomato sauce into a rich Sunday gravy in roughly 45 minutes.
SE does point out that in the pressure cooker, the moisture in your sauce won't cook off in the same way it would on the stovetop. This will give you a "fresher" flavor, but for deeper flavor notes that may be missing, add your own umami boost using fish sauce, or by chopping up a couple of anchovies.