Lemon Meringue Pie (Photo by �� John Heseltine/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)
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The Cookie Swap You Need To Make For A Crispier Pie Crust
Pies are an impressive and delicious dessert when made in your own kitchen, but baking a crispy, non-soggy crust is easier said than done. Crusts made of crushed cookies, such as sugar cookies or Oreos, are much easier to make than traditional flaky pie dough, and you should try using this cookie for a crisp and robust texture.
If you love finishing off your Chinese food with a sweet and crunchy fortune cookie, crush them up to make a delectable crisp pie crust. These light and crunchy cookies will add notes of vanilla and sesame to your pie, and all you need to make this crust is at least 25 fortune cookies, crushed into a fine crumbly powder and combined with butter.
After mixing your crushed cookies with butter and pressing them into a pie pan, you can either chill it in the fridge to set or bake it at 350 degrees, as recommended by Bon Appétit. Whether you chill or bake your crust, it only takes 15 minutes to be ready; then, add your fillings and do any other prep you need for a pie with no sogginess in sight.