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The Controversial Herb That Pairs Well With Your Favorite Fruit
There's an herb that can amazingly enhance the flavor of your favorite fruits, but while it's very popular in certain Latin America and Asian cuisines, it's not for everyone.
If you count yourself among the individuals who think cilantro or coriander tastes like soap, you probably won't like it much in anything, but fans ought to try this herb on fruit.
If you love (and can properly taste) cilantro’s peppery and citrusy notes, it will taste even better to you on top of tropical fruits like pineapple, mango, bananas, and lime.
The spicy elements of cilantro provide a great contrast to the natural sweetness of these fruits, making them less one-note. The leaves are also good on apples and watermelon.
In baking, the flavor of cilantro paired with citrus zest can produce a sweet but piquant dessert. Cilantro-lime cookies are one great idea for taking this pairing into the oven.