Hard boiled eggs with herbs and spices on white background
The Container Hack That Makes It Effortless To Peel Batches Of Hard-Boiled Eggs
Removing the shell of a hard-boiled egg can be difficult without mangling the whites, but you can it easier if you add your eggs to a plastic container with a little water.
You’ll then cover the container and firmly shake it for a few seconds until the shells break and slip off. The eggs will rustle against each other, allowing their shells to crack.
Once cracked, the force of the water permeates around the shells and loosens the eggs' membranes, resulting in effortlessly peeled eggs. However, caution is still important here.
You can damage the eggs when you shake them, so it’s best to use this hack for recipes like egg salad until you’re used to the technique and know how to keep the eggs intact.