EAST HAMPTON, NY - AUGUST 13:  Ina Garten attends the East Hampton Library's 12th Annual Authors Night Benefit on August 13, 2016 in East Hampton, New York.  (Photo by Sonia Moskowitz/WireImage,)
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The Condiment Ina Garten Uses To Help Panko Stick To Salmon
When preparing breaded food, the ultimate end goal is a perfectly crispy, crunchy, and golden exterior, so when the breading falls off, it can be a huge disappointment. Making sure that breading clings to food can be tricky, but celebrity chef Ina Garten uses a certain condiment to solve this problem.
To give her breaded salmon a pop of flavor and help the coat of panko crumbs stick, Garten uses mustard. Instead of dredging the salmon in flour before breading, Garten instead sprinkles salt and pepper over the fish before grabbing the jar of Dijon mustard and slathering it on; she then applies the breadcrumbs.
Fish and mustard are already a common pairing, and whole-grain mustard will add even more depth of flavor while ensuring that the slippery and fatty fish is breaded well. This is a departure from the typical breading method, which usually consists of three layers: flour, something wet like eggs or dairy, and breading.