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The Condiment Andrew Zimmern Makes With Kewpie Mayo
Whether you love or hate regular old American mayonnaise, you should try Kewpie mayo and see how versatile mayo can be. This umami-rich and tangy-sweet Japanese mayo uses more egg yolks — about 4 for every 500g of mayo — for a unique creaminess that celeb chef Andrew Zimmern loves to combine with other condiments.
Zimmern uses Kewpie mayo in his yuzu-chile sauce, which is a twist on yuzu kosho, a traditional Japanese paste-like condiment of ground yuzu peel, chiles, and salt. By combining yuzu kosho with mayo, you can create an acidic, savory, spicy sauce with a rich texture to boot, and the chef himself offers a few ways to use it.
Zimmern tells Real Simple he uses the yuzu mayo sauce for dipping Japanese fried chicken, and as a topping for fried pork cutlets or seafood pancakes. Kewpie mayo is also a popular topping for savory Japanese pancakes called okonomiyaki, and the added yuzu-chile flavor lends an unexpected kick to the comforting dish.