Top view of multiple mushrooms on human hands
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The Common Kitchen Gadget For Drying Mushrooms Like A Pro
After washing mushrooms, they can end up sopping wet and very hard to dry before searing or frying. Luckily, a salad spinner can help shake off all that excess water.
Put clean mushrooms in the basket of your salad spinner and give them a few spins, which should shake off all the excess water and make them ready to cook.
To both wash and dry your mushrooms in a salad spinner, remove the basket from the spinner, throw your whole mushrooms in, and rinse them with water before spinning.
Though this method works with any mushroom, it works particularly well with frilly varieties like maitake and morels. Rounder types (like creminis) may need to be patted dry.
If you’re serving the mushrooms raw and want them to look perfect, try using a dry and clean toothbrush to rub any dirt and dark spots away, leaving the shrooms whole and pristine.