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The Common Air Fryer Mistake That's Costing You Money
Air fryers have cemented themselves as a kitchen staple, and one of their major advantages is that they can cook crispy food without using a gallon of oil. While this appliance is certainly helpful, you could be wasting ingredients and the money you paid for them if you cook this type of food in your air fryer.
Most of us enjoy well-seasoned food, but foods that are heavily seasoned with dry spices don't work well with an air fryer. Unlike pan- or deep-frying, which keeps seasoning intact by using wet oil, the fans in an air fryer will blow all that powdery seasoning right off your food and into the the basket underneath.
A simple way to avoid wasting your spices — especially expensive ones that shouldn't vanish into thin air — is to add just a touch of oil to the food you put into the air fryer, so the seasoning and/or breading sticks. Just be sure not to add too much, and clean the fryer's basket out once you're done cooking.