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The Colorful Banana Variety That Tastes Like Ice Cream
Ice cream that uses frozen bananas and little else (also trendily called nice cream) is popular among vegans, lactose intolerant people, and others. However, if you want that banana ice cream flavor without doing any work, you may be interested to learn about blue javas, the unique bananas that supposedly taste like ice cream.
Blue java bananas grow in the wild in Indonesia, Hawaii, and Fiji, and have a stunning blue color when unripe that slowly changes to yellow. Their flavor is described as custard-like with a subtle vanilla note, with a gooey, creamy texture that makes them seem even more like ice cream, and they're on their own or in desserts.
You can use blue javas in any way you'd use regular bananas, including sandwiches, smoothies, sundaes, milkshakes, dipped in chocolate, or paired with fruit and espresso — just make sure that they’re ripe so you can enjoy their full creamy flavor. These special fruits are also a great source of fiber and manganese.
If you're lucky enough to live in Hawaii or South Florida, you may spot blue javas at your local farmers market, but otherwise, you'll likely need to order them online. The retailer Miami Fruit offers boxes of blue javas for pre-order, but there is a three-year wait time, so you might want to try one of their banana variety packs with blue javas.