Airplane flying in sky above palm trees
The Colorado Restaurant Where Diners Can Dine Inside An Airplane
In Colorado Springs, Colorado you'll find an aviation-themed restaurant, aptly named The Airplane Restaurant, where you can dine inside a Boeing KC-97 Stratofreighter.
The large, fully intact Stratofreighter was once used for transporting and refueling jets. While the aircraft only had 42 seats, the restaurant can accommodate 275 diners.
The menu offers burgers, steaks, and salads served by wait staff dressed as flight attendants. Before eating, you can explore the cockpit or take in the memorabilia and artifacts.
Built in 1953, the plane spent years refueling other planes worldwide and was once almost abandoned in the Atlantic Ocean when its crew couldn't find the Azores islands.
Once decommissioned, the plane was transported from Texas to Colorado on eight semi-trailers, before the restaurant opened in 2002.
If you want to snag one of the coveted tables in the KC-97, you might have to wait, because, according to its website, the restaurant only takes reservations for large parties.