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The Coffee Brands That Made TIME's 'Best Inventions' List For 2022
TIME's Best Inventions of 2022 list highlights some of the most innovative and life-altering products that have hit the market in the last year. The magazine showcases inventions in various industries, including food and drink, and two coffee brands are among the two hundred hand-picked innovations on the list.
Cometeer is the first coffee brand to flash-freeze coffee; beans are brewed at 10 times the strength of regular coffee, then frozen with liquid nitrogen. Cometeer CEO Matthew Roberts states that coffee beans lose their flavor and aroma in mere hours, and this first-of-its-kind flash-freezing system makes coffee taste fresher.
Secondly, Atomo has introduced a "molecular" bean-free coffee made from a blend of upcycled plants. The company uses proprietary technology to convert plant waste into compounds that match those found in coffee, creating a dupe beverage that requires 94% less water and a 93% smaller carbon footprint to produce.