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The Cocktail Trends Yelp Is Predicting For 2023
New Year’s Eve is associated with glasses of bubbly, but cocktail lovers want to know which other drinks will define 2023. According to Yelp, cocktail trends are expected to be rather unconventional this coming year, and may even cater to those of us who want to enjoy fancy drinks without the hangover.
Yelp believes that non-alcoholic cocktail alternatives will be in fashion for 2023; for instance, the Michelada-inspired Michelugua, a drink that uses agua fresca in place of beer, is seeing a 62% search increase at the tail end of 2022. Oher "mocktails" will make sure that you no longer have to order water if you don’t feel like drinking alcohol.
As for drinks that do contain alcohol, Yelp predicts that already-popular frozen slushie drinks will pop up on even more menus across America. Online searches for chilly concoctions such as frozen margaritas, Negronis, and frosé are going up by 77%, and this statistic also includes non-alcoholic fruit slushies and more.