Negroni cocktail with toothpick in olive on a blue and yellow background
The Cocktail Pick Style That Has No Spot At Your Home Bar
There are many options for cocktail picks that you can use for olives, cherries, and other garnishes. You can greatly narrow down your choices by looking at the material.
Wooden toothpicks are flimsy and not sustainable, while metal picks that aren't made from stainless steel are likely covered in foil or paint that can chip off into your drink.
For the best value, choose cocktail picks made of stainless steel and avoid cheaper materials. If the product isn't stainless steel, it won't last, no matter if it looks nice.
Stainless steel picks are durable, don't chip, and show minimal signs of age. A pick is supposed to make your drinks look beautiful, so go with the metal that holds up the best.