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The Closure Of One Indianapolis Starbucks Has Locals Baffled
Recently, Starbucks has closed some of its stores due to safety concerns, and while this may sound admirable, not everyone believes the company is being transparent. Some critics think the closures are an attempt to thwart union organizers, and a recent Indianapolis closure due to safety concerns has left locals perplexed.
A spokesperson for Starbucks told NBC local 13 News that they intended to close downtown Indianapolis’s Monument Circle location before the end of the month. Citing safety concerns as the reason for the closure, the spokesperson said, “The incidents at this store are at a level that we don’t feel we can provide a warm and safe experience that people expect…”
Police Commander Phil Burton and the owners and workers of nearby businesses expressed their surprise, saying they felt the neighborhood was safe. In fact, according to police dispatch records, there was only a single instance in which police were specifically called to that Starbucks, leaving residents with more questions than answers as to the closure.