US President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton pose at the White House on December 3, 1995 with some of the volunteers who decorated the White House for Christmas.   AFP PHOTO JOYCE NALTCHAYAN (Photo by JOYCE NALTCHAYAN / AFP) (Photo by JOYCE NALTCHAYAN/AFP via Getty Images)
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The Clintons Were Surprisingly Casual In The White House Kitchen
Working as a chef is a stressful job, but working as the White House chef, must be all the more so. Working as the White House chef not only means cooking for the President and First Lady, but also catering state dinners, and hosting leaders from around the globe. However, there was one first family that had a particularly chummy relationship with their culinary staff.
The Clintons were more casual with their staff, and President Clinton was known to visit with the kitchen staff, chatting and watching TV with them, while Hillary Clinton once went into the White House kitchen wearing a green facial mask. Remembering the time, Chef Martin Mongiello said, “I have always felt that Big Bubba was fantastic,” referring to Clinton by nickname.
The Clintons were also close with Chef Walter Schieb, who often worked closely with Mrs. Clinton. Chef Schieb appreciated Mrs. Clinton’s passion for trying new foods and being inclusive of other food cultures. Chef Schieb was also close with Chelsea Clinton and gave her cooking lessons, along with Chef Roland Mesnier who taught her to make pie crust.