Astronaut in full gear on the moon
The Clever Ways NASA Astronauts Cook And Bake In Space
Space food has come a long way, and astronaut ingenuity has led to examples of clever cooking in space. Recent advancements in technology even allow them to bake.
When Sandra Magnus, NASA astronaut and flight engineer, experimented with cooking aboard the ISS, she used a food warmer and duct tape to cook garlic and onions.
The duct tape was placed on the table sticky side up to keep the food in place. She would then place the chopped onions and garlic in foil and in the warmer to cook.
In 2019, astronauts were able to successfully bake chocolate chip cookies in space using cookie dough by DoubleTree and the first space oven created by Zero G Kitchens.
Ascent Technology won NASA's Deep Space Food Challenge with a zero-gravity centrifugal oven. The oven, expected to be ready for production by 2025, can bake, broil, and freeze.