Various reusable water bottles
The Clever Way To Store Your Water Bottle Collection In The Pantry
If you're out of space to store reusable water bottles in your pantry, use an over-the-door pantry organizer to accommodate the bottles in your small pantry space.
While other organizers take up a lot of floor, shelf, and wall space, the over-the-door racks help neatly store water bottles by utilizing the pantry door's unused vertical space.
This rack provides more room to store other items, makes bottles more accessible once the pantry is open, and allows you to quickly find the bottle that you need.
Some over-the-door racks let you customize the shelves per your storage needs. Adjust them to handle wider and heavier bottles while using smaller compartments for your spices.
On top of everything, these organizers are inexpensive, require minimal installation effort, and save you the struggle of assembling complex shelves.