Chef Jacques Pepin at a French Film Festival Dinner Benefit at Restaurant Daniel in New York City
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The Clever Way Jacques Pépin Plates Cheese Soufflé
Chef Jacques Pépin has a few words of wisdom on how to properly plate a cheese soufflé, which has little to do with its final appearance and everything to do with its taste.
You've likely seen cheese soufflés baked in ramekins or wide, shallow dishes. Pépin says these small and wide bowls are the best for making soufflés.
Pépin prefers the width and depth of gratin dishes because they maximize the amount of soufflé crust, but he says that soufflé-specific ramekins similarly get the job done.
The wider the dish, the more plentiful the crust, and to make it even better, Pépin adds a layer of cheese before baking to create a crunchy and crispy exterior.