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The Clever Trick To Upgrade Your Pasta Sauce
Since Americans gained the gift of pasta from Italian immigrants, many citizens have been searching for and debating about how to make the perfect sauce. No one can blame you for using a tasty jarred sauce for the ultimate quick dinner, but if you like to make your own, try this trick to give your pasta a unique twist.
A block of feta or a ball of fresh mozzarella makes a delicious pasta topping, but it's also all you need to whip up a super simple pasta sauce. Serious Eats founder Ed Levine says that if you pour some of the liquid from the cheese container into the pot you cooked your pasta in, you can make an impromptu pasta sauce right in there.
Adding little pieces of cheese and finishing off the sauce with cherry tomatoes or corn off the cob completes the meal. Feta brine is actually considered by some to be liquid gold in the culinary world, while the water that fresh mozzarella comes packed in isn't as widely used, both can add more flavor to a dish than water ever could.