Onions cut in half against a white background.
The Clever Reason Bobby Flay Grills Onions With The Skin On
If you've ever tried to grill onion halves or segments, but they soften and fall apart instead of keeping their shape, chef Bobby Flay recommends that you leave the skins on.
According to Flay, leaving the peel on each slice as it cooks will keep your onions from falling apart on the grill, allowing them to caramelize properly and look their best.
Slice your onion into rounds, brush each slice with olive oil so they don't stick to your grill, then sprinkle salt and pepper on them before placing them on the hot grill.
Each onion slice will need about 5 minutes of cooking per side, but keep a close eye on them. Remove them when they're as soft or firm as you like, then finally remove the peels.