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The Clever Potato Chip Serving Hack To Use At Your Next Party
Chips are one of the easiest snacks to set out for guests, but there are more elegant ways to present them besides tearing the bag open and dumping the chips into a bowl, and this one trick is essentially no more difficult than doing just that. This is how to open and pour your chips into a bowl so they don't look messy and crumby.
In an Instagram video, food blogger Meleyna Nomura cuts a slit into the bottom of a bag of chips with scissors to open it, instead of opening it from the top. This way, all the crumbly, smaller pieces of chips fall into the bowl first, and bigger, fuller chips end up resting on top of the pile so that you can snack on them first.
If you prefer to forgo the bowl, you can look up several guides on how to fold a bag of chips to transform it into a standing container that makes it easy to grab a chip or two. Either of these serving methods is aesthetically pleasing and makes your holiday or game day snack display look like it could be featured in a magazine.