Wooden bowl of clarified butter with spoon
The Clever Method For Making DIY Clarified Butter
While clarified butter can be a lifesaver in the kitchen, the traditional method of making it can be a time-consuming activity, but chef Poppy O’Toole has a handy shortcut.
Clarified butter is made by separating and removing the milk solids from the fat. This is usually done by heating the butter on the stove until the milk solids separate.
O’Toole’s method is much simpler and involves simply chopping the butter into large chunks and microwaving it until the milk solids separate.
While the time will differ based on the amount of butter and your microwave, you’ll know it’s ready when the milk solids form a frothy white mass on top of the fats.
O’Toole reminded viewers, "Do not mix it, do not stir it, make sure it's fully melted.” Once finished, refrigerate until the fat solidifies, and then drain out the liquid.
Scrape off any remaining milk solids, and your clarified butter is ready to use. Removing the milk solids raises the smoke point of clarified butter to 465 degrees Fahrenheit.