Piled up blocks of chocolate on black background
The Clever Hack To Grate Chocolate Without Making A Mess
Grating chocolate can become a huge mess when the chocolate starts to soften, clogging your grater and creating pasty shavings. Your freezer can help you avoid this annoyance.
Freeze your chocolate and grater for at least 10 minutes before getting to work. It won't stop your chocolate from softening, but it will buy you some time.
Chilled chocolate is also less likely to melt into a pile. Very dark chocolates may not even need any help, since they're much harder due to their lack of dairy and cocoa butter.
Creamy milk chocolate will definitely benefit from the freezer, while white chocolate is the most difficult to grate, so you’ll want to chill it before and after grating.
Cheaper chocolates may also contain additives that affect the texture and make the chocolate stickier. For pretty-looking chocolate curls and shavings, avoid the cheap stuff.