Iced tea in a glass on a table.
The Clever Hack To Avoid Diluted Iced Tea
Ice can turn a glass of iced tea into a flavorless, watery mess as it melts. A clever hack can keep your tea cool without diluting it so it retains its robust flavor.
The solution is to make ice cubes out of iced tea. As they melt, they don't water down the drink, allowing you to sip slowly and savor all that tea-licious flavor to the end.
To make iced tea and iced tea cubes at the same time, brew up a double batch of tea, allow it to cool, then fill your ice cube trays with half of the total amount of tea.
Pop the trays in the freezer for about four hours. Fresh lemon juice, lime juice, or even thin slivers of these citrus fruits can also be added to the cubes before freezing.
Edible flowers or herbs also make great additions to the cubes, and will slowly release their own flavors and aromas as the ice melts into your tea.
You can also use different teas for your ice cubes and your drink. Try pairing iced chamomile tea with ginger tea ice cubes and lemon slices for a refreshing riot of flavors.